Building a New School for

Hope for Orphans Children's Home

in Akokwa, Ghana


Background on the School: The Engyankwa wo enyiadad (Hope for orphans) Children’s Home serves 100+ youth in the rural village of Akokwa, Ghana. As a part of their service to the various orphaned and vulnerable youth served, they run a school for the children's home and other youth in the nearby villages. The school serves 200+ youth from nursery through junior high school level 1.


The Need: The current classrooms lack adequate infrastructure, with some classes being held under a tree. Additionally, social welfare requires that schools are now on separate land from children's homes to increase privacy for vulnerable youth. Therefore, TAF is teaming up with the founder, Charity Mensah to build a new school on a new plot of land separate from the children's home. 


The Benefits of a New School: A new school building will provide better infrastructure to enhance the learning environments for students. Additionally, it will ensure the home is abiding by social welfare regulations. In collaboration with various donors, we hope to bring positive change to this school and improve the education of youth in Akokwa! 




Individuals Impacted
  • The poverty rate is 25% in Ghana
  • Every extra year of school increases productivity up to 30%
  • Individual earnings increase by 10% with every grade completed
USAID Learning Out Of Poverty infographic, 2015
This project advances the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals:
Goal 1: "End poverty in all its forms everywhere."
Goal 4: "Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning."
United Nations, 2016. Sustainable Development Goals. (Read more here) 


Education is a basic human right


Yet, those who need education the most, children living in poverty, are the least likely to attend and complete school. 




Step 1: Fundraising - In Process!

We are now fundraising for the second block of 3 classrooms! 


Step 2: Construction

-In Process!

The second block is under construction. We are currently working on the windows and doors. 

Step 3: School Opening

- In Progress!

The school is open and will house all students by 2020 when construction of all 6 classrooms is completed!

Our Process

Why is this project more than just a building?

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