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Bread Business in Achiase


In August 2014, TAF sponsored our first empowerment initiative, the startup of a bakery for Mama Sarah. Mama Sarah is the mother of a children's home that serves 55+ orphaned and vulnerable youth. We provided the initial startup supplies, the construction of a bakery building, and the first 1.5 batches. Since September 2014, the bakery has been sustainable and fully run by Mama Sarah. 

The bakery now provides a sustainable food and income source for the home, giving the home an opportunity to take steps out of poverty and better care for the youth at the home. Additionally, the bakery provides learning opportunities for youth at the home to learn the trade of baking, which can benefit them for future employment opportunities.  


Step 1: Fundraising - Complete!

We raised $1500 in only 6 weeks to build the bakery!


Step 2: Begin baking 


 Mama Sarah has learned how to bake. Look at photos below! 

Step 3: 

        - Ongoing!Comp

Sell bread in local village markets. Gain sustainable income. 

Our Process
Individuals Impacted
This project advances the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals:
Goal 1: "End poverty in all its forms everywhere."
Goal 5: "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls."
Goal 8: "Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all."
United Nations, 2016. Sustainable Development Goals. (Read more here) 
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