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Sites to Visit in Ghana

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park protects plant and animal species of Ghana's tropical forest. Near Cape Coast, the park offers protection for globally endangered species such as many types of monkeys. Tourists can walk the canopy bridges, giving an exhilarating view of the forest. The bridges hang high above the forest, giving visitors a fun and unique view of Ghana's hidden beauty. Kakum National Park is a priority area for conservation in Ghana. We recommend you wear athletic clothing and tennis shoes. 

Cape Coast

Slave Castle

Cape Coast is one of the most culturally significant spots in Africa. This former European colonial capital was once the largest slave-trading center in West Africa, and is home to Cape Coast Slave Castle. At the height of the slave trade, the castle locked slaves away and herded them onto ships, altering the lives of generations to come. Take a visit to the castle and you'll learn about the deep history rooted in Ghana and how they have worked towards healing since the country gained independence in 1957. 

Oasis Beach Resort

Oasis beach resort is a beautiful place to stay during your visit to Cape Coast. Oasis is a short 5 minute walk from the city markets, Cape Coast Castle, and cultural shops where you can purchase souvenirs. Oasis is located right on the ocean, and provides a lively night scene on the weekends where visitors can see cultural performances! 

Wli Waterfalls

Wli Waterfalls are the highest falls in West Africa. The falls are located on hills that mark the border between Ghana and Togo. Visitors have the opportunity to hike to the upper falls (a long and tough hike - though beautiful and worth it!) or take a more casual and lighter walk into the rainforest to see the lower falls (a 30 minute flat walk). Both hikes offer the opportunity to rest at the falls, take in their beauty, and swim at the falls. The trek to Wli falls is about 6 hours northeast of Accra. 

Tafi Atomi Monkey Sanctuary

Tafi Atomi Monkey Sanctuary is a sacred site, preserved by the community to protect the lands and the wildlife inside. Visitors can take a short hike with a guide into the forest to see monkeys. The guide will give everyone bananas, and after calling the monkeys, each visitor will have the opportunity to feed bananas to the monkeys. The monkeys are habituated to visitors, so it is safe to feed them and they may even climb onto your arm or shoulders! Proceeds from visitors are reinvested in the community and the sanctuary, so not only is it a fun visit, but profits go to worthwhile causes! Visitors can visit for the day or choose to stay the night at their guesthouses.  


Kokrobite is a small fishing village, near the border of Accra and Kasoa. It is located on a strip of beautiful beaches and has become a popular tourist destination. There are a variety beach resorts to stay at for the weekend with cultural performances and dancing at night, cultural shops to buy souvenirs at during the day, and beaches to swim or surf! Big Milly's is our recommended resort to stay at if you visit! They have plenty of accommodations, delicious food, and themed entertainments nights on the weekends. 

Accra Art


Accra's National Cultural Art Center is the perfect place for visitors and tourists to find gifts for themselves or loved ones. All products sold are made by local artisans in Ghana. You can find hundreds of items such as paintings, woodwork, clothing, fabric, jewelry, bags.  It is located near Independence Square and not too far from the president's house! 

Mole National Park

Mole National Park is located in northern Ghana and is the biggest National Park in the country, covering 4,577 square kilometers. Mole is home to a diverse array of wildlife. Visitors most commonly see elephants, baboons, monkeys, warthogs, kobs, buffalos, antelopes, reptiles, and birds! It's also home to an estimated 742 species of plants and trees in the park. The Mole Motel is located in the National Park and has a breathtaking view over the park and some of its watering holes. The park is very far north, and thus it is a long trek via public transportation (20+ hours from Accra), or you can fly from Accra to Tamale, the city closest to the park with a shorter few hour drive via public transportation into the park. 

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