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We recognize that our ability to collaborate with our partners in sustainable projects depends on our understanding of local culture, traditions, and values. Additionally, we strive to stay up to date with the best practices related to our empowerment projects and programs. Lastly, we must ensure that our partners identify and inspire our chosen projects, not our team. Therefore, we see ourselves as lifelong learners, constantly striving to improve our understanding of issues facing our partners.  

Our Values


We take seriously our commitment to ensuring our projects are in the best interest of those we serve, and that we are honest in investing foundation funds into the empowerment of our partners. 


We believe positive relationships with our staff, volunteers, and partner sites are key to our success. Mutual respect, oppeness, and willingness to help each other are qualities we seek in our team members. 


We believe in the importance of collaboration with our partners in understanding their needs and strengths to work together on empowerment projects that will best support their dreams and quality of life. We are one part of many who are responsible for the changes in the communities in which we work, and therefore cannot do it alone. 


We aim to make ourselves unnecessary for the operations of the projects we implement. Our goal is to foster self-sustainability among partners and projects.   

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