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Building Two Classrooms for

Bethel Academy in Achiase


In May 2015, TAF teamed up with the founder's of Achiase Children's Home and Bethel Academy, Frank and Sarah Sam, to expand their school. Bethel Academy serves students from nursery through junior high school. The issue is a lack of space for the number of students enrolled. Frank and Sarah aspire to continue growing their school to serve more rural youth. To support their vision for expansion, our foundation sponsored the building of two classrooms.

Our OSU chapter and 2015/2016 summer service-learning trips contributed to the funding of this project! The classrooms construction was completed in August 2016 and they have been in use since Autumn 2016. They provide educational empowerment through increased enrollment opportunities, higher quality learning environments, and increased income opportunities for Frank and Sarah to care for the youth at their children's home.  




Step 1: Fundraising - Complete!

(May 2016)



Step 2: Building the Classrooms


(August 2016)


Step 3: Open the Classrooms to Bethel Academy Students

        - Complete!

    (September 2016)mp


Why is this project more than just a building?

Our Process:


Education is a basic human right


Yet, those who need education the most, children living in poverty, are the least likely to attend and complete school. 




  • The poverty rate is 25% in Ghana
  • Every extra year of school increases productivity up to 30%
  • Individual earnings increase by 10% with every grade completed
USAID Learning Out Of Poverty infographic, 2015
Individuals Impacted
This project advances the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals:
Goal 1: "End poverty in all its forms everywhere."
Goal 4: "Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning."
United Nations, 2016. Sustainable Development Goals. (Read more here) 
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