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Seamstress Vocational Training Program 
In August 2015, our foundation launched the seamstress vocational training program in Bawjiase and Swedru, Ghana. This program currently sponsors 19 girls. Read more about how it's making a difference in their lives here. 


Building Two Classrooms in Achiase
In May 2015 our foundation began the building of two classrooms to support Frank and Sarah Sam in expanding Bethel Academy in Achiase, Ghana. They were completed in August 2016! 


Sustainable and Empowerment Projects

Mama Sarah's Bakery in Achiase
In August 2014, we sponsored the start-up of a bakery in Achiase, Ghana for Mama Sarah Sam. She is the mother of Achiase Children's Home. She even teaches the kids at the home how to bake alongside her. Read more about how the bakery is making a difference in her life by clicking the button below. 


Health Initiatives in Penim
We teamed up with the Penim community to deliver a sustainable solution to their need for improved water, hygiene, and sanitation in the village. We have completed a clean water initiative and a toilet project to improve sanitation. The village is home to about 400 Ghanaians and is predominantly a farming community. 


Vocational Training School Sponsorship 
In 2015 we began fundraising to sponsor the educational expenses for Tina, a young-adult seeking to continue her education and build upon her skills to start a business in the food industry. She completed her  EKGS Culinary Institute training in 2018 and is the head chef for TAF.



In order for TAF to bring on a partner, we must be working towards at least one sustainable project alongside them. Every project carried out by TAF is uniquely tailored to the needs and goals of our partners. These projects are envisioned through first building relationships with our partners, which allows us to better understand their strengths, needs, and dreams. As a result, we are not a “one size fits all” organization, because we believe that sustainable change comes from solutions that are unique to the needs of each individual partner. Therefore, we get involved in a variety of projects, yet all focus back on the mission of improving the quality of life of youth and women through empowering solutions. When our partners have an equal and collaborative hand in our project development, they take ownership over the initiatives, which fosters local leadership and long-term sustainability of our projects and programs.

Since TAF focuses heavily on sustainable solutions, we try and align our projects with the  United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were adopted by numerous countries across the globe in 2015 to continue the progress of the Millennium Development Goals, with the mission to "end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind." (United Nations, 2017). On each project page, we highlight the goals that this project helps to fulfill! 

Source: United Nations, (2017):

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