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Volunteering with TAF 

As a TAF volunteer, you serve as an ambassador for our foundation in the field. Our volunteers are not traveling to Ghana to “save” anyone, but rather to build relationships with our local partners, gain a more holistic understanding of Ghanaian culture, increase knowledge and skills in combating social injustices, and to be a part of furthering TAF’s larger mission. We believe in service that allows our volunteers to engage in TAF's projects and programs in a hands-on and immersive way that promotes reciprocity in exchanges between volunteers and local partners.


Ultimately, we aim to foster responsible global citizenship among our volunteers, break down the “us vs. them” perspective, and to contribute to sustainable initiatives that leave impacts far past a volunteer’s presence on the ground. We achieve this through giving a portion of every volunteer's fees to a sustainable project at your service site. Additionally, every volunteer has the opportunity to tailor one's service experience to specific skills and interests. Learn more about our programs and fees below. We are excited for your to join us on our journey to empower youth and women, and to have you as a TAF change agent.

Volunteer Program Sites

The Akumanyi Foundation works with various children's homes and schools in Ghana's Central Region. Our foundation collaborates with these partners on empowerment projects to improve the lives of Ghana's orphaned and vulnerable youth. Our aim is to improve quality of life and sustainability through various projects that are specifically tailored to the needs and dreams of each site. Project site placements vary based on need, so after applicants have submitted an application, they will be notified about their placement. 


As a childcare volunteer serving at these programs, you will be considered a daily staff member, working Monday-Friday, with the opportunity to travel on weekends. Your efforts will be focused on caring for the kids by nurturing, playing, tutoring, and teaching them. Also, you will be expected to help with various needs and chores at the children's home. 


Childcare volunteers are beneficial supports to the children’s home staff, who often have their hands full with large numbers of youth being cared for in the children’s home. Volunteers can provide a better staff to child ratio. Volunteers who are most successful come with an energetic spirit and can play games or engage in creative fun or educational activities with the youth at the home. Moreover, their support in one on one tutoring opportunities with youth at the children’s home is a valuable way to support educational empowerment, since many of the students do not get individualized tutoring attention. It is very common for volunteers to combine programs to make the most of their schedule!

Teaching Program 
Sports Program 
Childcare Program 

As a teaching volunteer serving at these programs, you will support the already established local teachers at the schools run by the children’s homes. Our volunteers thrive best in the classrooms when they are paired and collaborating with local teachers. Once accepted into our program, we will work with you to choose the subjects that you are best suited to teach. Additionally, we will match you to appropriate grade levels based on your interest and the needs of the school. The schools serve students from nursery to junior high school levels.


As a teacher, you will be expected to work Monday-Friday, with the opportunity to travel on weekends or stay on site. In addition to teaching, you will support the tutoring efforts of youth at the children’s home in the evenings on weekdays. It is very common for volunteers to combine programs to make the most of their time, as your afternoons and evenings will be free after teaching.

The sports program helps youth in the rural villages to foster their talents and focus on safe and healthy after school activities. Additionally, it helps youth to gain leadership skills and discipline by becoming a part of a team, and building stronger bonds with their community. As a sports volunteer, you’ll work alongside the coaches of the football team to help facilitate daily practices. Additionally, the team will play matches on the weekends, where you will assist the coach. Volunteers do not have to be professionals in sports, but rather have a passion and excitement for this program. Though you will work on the weekends, you can arrange with our staff to take off certain weekends for travel if you want to see other parts of the country. Volunteers in the sports program are most successful if they combine it with another program, such as childcare or teaching, to fill their days with more activities and build stronger bonds with the community.

Childcare, Teaching, & Sports

Individual Volunteering Costs  

We pride ourselves on empowering our partners through giving a high percent of your fees to the programs you serve. 

What Our Costs Cover:

​​1. Accommodations

2. Food and purified water while at your program

3. Airport pick up and drop off from a local staff

4. In and out of country staff monitoring

5. Administrative costs

6. Contributions to Service Site Projects 


What Volunteers Are Responsible for Covering:

1. Plane ticket 

2. Vaccinations (Malaria, Yellow Fever - required, etc.)

3. Background Check 

4. Food and traveling costs outside of your program

5. traveler's insurance (Optional )

***Due to increases in prices in Ghana, we are currently evaluating our individual volunteer trip costs. Please email us for inquiries on prices for an individual service trip or wait for the website to be updated in the coming months.



Register to Volunteer


*In order to volunteer, you must be 18 years of age or older. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances - email us for further information ( Click the below link and fill out the volunteer application so we can learn more about you, your availability, and what you can bring to our team! When it is submitted, our team will review your application and contact you about our openings. If you are unsure about volunteering, feel free to email us before filling out the application so we can answer your questions and concerns. We cannot wait to hear from you! 

Photos from Our Volunteers' Trips! 



Wanting to serve with the Akumanyi Foundation, but still having questions? Check out our frequently answered questions below and see if we can help you out! If these do not cover your questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email or our contact page on the website! (

Who will pick me up from the airport?


A local staff for the Akumanyi Foundation will pick you up at the Accra airport and transport you to your program site that day. It is built in your program fees to cover your airport pickup upon arrival and transportation the airport upon departure. We value your contributions to our program and we want to ensure you make it to and from the airport with all of your luggage safely! 


How do I get my vaccinations?


Contact your physician and ask about information on where to go to get your vaccinations in your local area. Often school clinics and health departments will have the necessary information in regards to vacinnations. You must get a Yellow Fever immunization, but we highly recommend getting pills for Malaria and other immunizations recommended by your doctor. Your health is a priority and staying up to date with your medical needs will allow for the best trip possible! 



Who will I live with while volunteering?

The Akumanyi Foundation will place you in volunteer housing on site or near the location of your program. The volunteer house will be staffed by local staff who will cook for you and serve as a resource during your stay. You will be placed in the volunteer house with other volunteers traveling through our foundation at the same time. 



Am I allowed to travel during my service?

Yes! You can travel during your service trip, and we encourage you to do so! We believe traveling is an enriching part of your experience as a volunteer, and through touring the country you can gain a more holistic perspective as you see other parts of the country and interact with other locals. Though, it's important to note you can travel on weekends, and if you desire to travel on a week day, we ask that you coordinate that will program staff and local Akumanyi Foundation staff to ensure it will not hinder the operations of your program. Don't worry, we are flexible and do our best to accomodate all volunteers and their travel plans! 

How do I apply for a visa?


Follow this link for information on visas to Ghana ( Be sure to apply with plenty of time to allow for processing and return time. If you do not hear from the embassy within two weeks, contact them to see if any errors occurred with your visa so you have time to correct them. 

What do I pack for my trip?


We have created a packing list to guide your packing for your trip to Ghana. If you would like a copy, contact us, or you will receive a copy upon registration. 



What is the food like in Ghana?

Ghana has a variety of food, and the best part is that it is almost all freshly made! If you are a fan of fruit, rice dishes, or natural chocolate, you are sure to love Ghana's dishes. Also, broaden your horizons and try local dishes native to Ghana that you cannot get elsewhere. You never know what meals you'll come to love and miss after leaving!

Where can I learn more about Ghana's culture?

We provide a volunteer packet upon registration with a breif description of the important parts of Ghanaian culture. Although, if you are looking for an in-depth travel guide with everything you need to know, we recommend buying a guide book. We suggest the Bradt Guide Book for Ghana (the most updated version is the 2014 Guide).



How do I set up traveling adventures while in Ghana?

We recommend you coordinate with foundation staff on discussing your travel plans. We will not plan or book your travels, but we are here as a resource to answer questions or direct you to those who can answer your questions. The best way to plan a trip is by using a travel guide book, and we suggest the Bradt guide book for Ghana. We also urge you to not travel alone, but rather, find other volunteers to go along with you to ensure your safety. 

How Can I Connect with Other Volunteers?

We have a facebook page that we highly encourage you to check out and join! On this page you can post questions to our foundation staff, past volunteers, current volunteers, or potential volunteers like yourself! You can also see pictures of past trips and other fun surprises we may add to the page. Find us here: ​


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